Laser Engraved Hall of Fame Trading Cards with Statistics

When I was young we got cards

not just from the stores, we also

acquired them from cereal boxes,

soap boxes, cracker jacks, and

many other places.

But we never got them on an

engraved piece of wood.

As far as I know, no one else is

doing this, so get these originals

before everyone else. And see the

companion Legend Series 13 x 20


 The Great Bambino

The Amazing Cyclone

These are unique wooden

trading cards or wall

plaque collectibles.

A couple of their most famous

poses on the front side and

the batting, pitching stats

or other information on the

other side.

These are actual photos taken

from the 1875-1939 era that are

engraved on the either side of

the boards.

The Hall of Fame series

commemorates the first inductees

to the Hall of Fame in 1936

through 1939. The first two

available are Babe Ruth and

Cy Young.

All boards are lightly sanded

before engraving. No splinters.

There may be blemishes in the

grain, and you will see the

finger joints, but generally

clear boards.

We may put a light stain on some

boards if needed, and all will be

coated with a wood sealant.

(The stains shown may not be exact

and may deviate a bit.)



Weight .85 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in

Ruth, Cobb, Johnson, Mathewson, Wagner, Young, Bulkeley, Johnson, Lajoie, Mack, Mcgraw, Speaker, Wright, Alexander, Cartwright, Chadwick, Anson, Collins, Comiskey, Cummings, Ewing, Gehrig, Keeler, Radbourn, Sisler, Spalding