FIFO Squeeze Bottle Kit with Organizer


Squeeze Bottle Kit

with Slide On Organizer

In the food service industry, double-ended squeeze

bottles are used for sauce application: one end for

dispensing, one end for filling. These are referred to

as FIFO Squeeze Bottles.

When put into pans, they sometimes are accompanied

with an organizer for speed of service. The metal organizers

currently sold scrape the bottles and actually create bottle

fatigue and unsanitary cleaning conditions. Our

Slide-On Organizer does not scrape the bottles.

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Kit includes :

(17) 16 oz FIFO style bottles

(Note: the picture shows 15 bottles, but now has 17)

(17) Fill End Caps

(17) Dispense End Caps w/Medium Valves

(1) Slide-on Organizer for Steel or Plastic Pan

All Bottles, Caps, Valves and Organizer

FDA approved materials.

Formerly NSF Listed

Freight Included in Price


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Weight 2.92 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 9 in
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