Craps, Acey Duecey, Both on One Board, Cedar Framed


There is enough room for up to 4

players on the Craps board

(places to put your chips). No 6-8,

simpler version.

The ACEY DUECEY game is for up

to 4 players. This game can easily

be played for ages 9 or older. (We

play with colored M & M’s).

It easily teaches math percentages

also (the winning hands). I have

played this game since I was 16

and like this version better than

any other I have seen. Casinos

used to have it (15-20 yrs ago), but

since they never really paid with the

true odds,it eventually became

obsolete (they called it Red Dog).

See Available Vaneers 

Sanded, urethane coated, felt pads on

both sides. Dice and Cards are optional,

as  most people already have these at home.

I even fixed some warped TV trays with one

of the Craps boards. See pics.