1966 GMC Stepside Pickup

I went to work one day, as an

almost 17 year old, and saw

this red pick up in the lot. I found

out it belonged to the shop

foreman and that is was for sale.

Why not  ? I said to myself.

So I sold the 1958 Bel Air and

bought this 1966 GMC Fire

Engine Red Stepside Pickup.

I had so much wax on it the

cloth would slide off the

hood. Put new lumber in the bed,

chrome stove bolts and runners

(later covered it up with black

vinyl so I would not scratch it).

No radio, A/C, or actually

anything in it other than a

heater, windshield wipers, and a

lighter socket (no lighter).

Bought some cheap slide-on

headrests to classy it up a little,

And  ‘Moon” hub caps.

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Paid 600.00 for this truck. It was

actually too much at the time.