1962 Corvette, My High School Racer

Well, I finally got tired of driving

my truck with no radio, A/C, or

cab lighting. Went driving down

Whittier Blvd and saw this

gorgeous car sitting on the lot.

Talked to the salesman, liked

what I heard, left my truck there

and drove the Vette to Anaheim

to show my dad. From there to

Anaheim Finance, at the time a 2

person office, saw the owner, and

he initially said no. Then I took

him outside to see the car, told

who my dad was and 20 minutes

later we paid the car dealer and

drove the Vette home.

I drove this to school every day

and realized this car was meant

for racing. I drove this car for a

couple of years and only sold it

because I was drafted and I knew

if it was at home, my younger

brother would destroy it and

himself along with it.


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Bought this from Mr. Mike’s Corvette in 1968

for  $1500