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  • 1995 Ford F-250, Extended Cab

    Picked this up about 2002.

    Needed a cheap vehicle to go

    to work in at the time. Replaced

    the engine 3 years later.

    Big 460 CID. Drove it until

    2012 when it had an engine fire.

    Hydraulic assist, plastic tank,

    sprung a leak and squired oil

    on the exhaust manifold. Big

    fire on freeway. Allstate bought

    it from me.


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  • 1990 Ford Bronco XLT

    I bought this for my father in

    1990. Has a choice of a one year

    old Eddie Bauer custom version

    or the new blue XLT. He took

    the XLT. 351 engine, 4WD.

    After he passed, my son used

    it for high school, then I had it

    around as a spare car. Put a 

    ghost purple/black/blue

    paint job on it before sold.


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