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  • Soft Touch Bottle Brush, 4 Pack


    Why scratch up the insides of your squeeze

    bottles ?  It becomes harder to clean and

    remove particulates from your sauces

    due to scratches and may prematurely

    require a replacement.

    Using these foam bottle cleaning brushes

    all but eliminates the scratches that come

    from hard polyester or metal bristle style

    brushes. You can use those kinds of brushes

    on glass or metal, but they shouldn’t be

    used on soft plastic.

    Approximately 2.5 inches in diameter,

    these brushes can be disassembled and

    trimmed with a pair of scissors to

    accommodate smaller bottles, cups, etc.

    And the generous 9” handle makes

    cleaning bottles very easy.

    Manufactured from food grade materials.

    Freight Included in Price

    Results Thru Innovation catalog


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