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  • FIFO Bottle Condiment Thermometer, 2 Pack


    Just how cold is it in your condiment

    or sauce bin ?? These thermometers are

    very accurate and are made for

    measuring your sauce temperatures.

    With the  5” stainless steel probe, you

    can take the temperature of the air

    that is cooling your sauce bottles

    while still in their respective pans

    when using any of our organizers.

    Or you can take the actual temps of

    any condiments or sauces

    individually by directly inserting the

    probe into any item(s) you want to

    verify temperature. The scale is made

    for refrigerated products, not cooked

    items. Has warning colors for freezer

    and refrigerator cooling.

    NSF Listed Materials

    Freight Included in Price

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  • FIFO Pan & Organizer All-in-One Kit


    The Ultimate Pan and Organizer

    All-in-One Kits

    Everything needed in one place.

    Compare if bought separately.

    Saves you well over 40 percent.

    Depending on size requested, Included:

    (1) 1/6 or 1/3  Size Pan

    (1) Snap-in Organizer

    (4 or 8) FIFO Style Squeeze Bottles

    (4 or 8) Dispense End Caps with Medium Valves

    (1 ea) Medium, Oil, Chunky Sauce Silicone Valves

    (4 or 8) Natural Fill End Label Caps

    (4 or 8) Colored, Imprinted and Vented Fill End Caps

    (4 or 8 ) sets Imprinted Expiration Date Discs,

    (Day of Week Colors)

    (1) Secure Fill Funnel

    (1) Soft Touch Bottle Cleaning Brush

    (1) Refrigeration Condiment Thermometer

    (4 or 8) Silicone Anti-Skid Feet for Counter Top Usage

    100 % FDA approved Food Grade Materials

    Formerly NSF Listed

    Freight Included in Price

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  • FIFO Squeeze Bottle Kit with Organizer


    Squeeze Bottle Kit

    with Slide On Organizer

    In the food service industry, double-ended squeeze

    bottles are used for sauce application: one end for

    dispensing, one end for filling. These are referred to

    as FIFO Squeeze Bottles.

    When put into pans, they sometimes are accompanied

    with an organizer for speed of service. The metal organizers

    currently sold scrape the bottles and actually create bottle

    fatigue and unsanitary cleaning conditions. Our

    Slide-On Organizer does not scrape the bottles.

    See our listing or click the catalog link

    for all of our features.

    Kit includes :

    (17) 16 oz FIFO style bottles

    (Note: the picture shows 15 bottles, but now has 17)

    (17) Fill End Caps

    (17) Dispense End Caps w/Medium Valves

    (1) Slide-on Organizer for Steel or Plastic Pan

    All Bottles, Caps, Valves and Organizer

    FDA approved materials.

    Formerly NSF Listed

    Freight Included in Price


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  • FIFO Squeeze Bottle Organizer and Pan Combo, 2 Pack


    Our organizer pans, though slightly different in design

    from existing pans you may be familiar with, still fit in

    all prep units, pizza bars, cold units, etc, that your

    existing pans do, whether counter top or free

    standing units.

    All organizer pans come with integrated anti-cross-

    contamination drip cups and flow through air holes

    for bottle cooling. In addition, we have also

    incorporated a pass through hole that you can

    insert our 5 inch condiment thermometer so you

    will always know the air temperature in the pan

    that contains your sauces.

    For counter top usage silicone rubber feet are

    included for anti-skid protection.

    Used in tandem with our snap-in organizers,

    they will protect your bottles from damage by steel

    organizers and also prevent leaking sauces into

    either the pan or worse: the refrigeration unit.

    In addition, for those sandwich shops that have

    one pan slightly on top of another pan (not enough

    space in unit), our pans have have a small lip for

    overlapping that won’t grossly elevate the pan over

    the bar supports.

    Depending on size requested,

    Included in each set :

    (1)   Bin

    (1)   Snap-in Organizer

    (4 )  Silicone  Feet

    FDA approved materials.

    Only virgin polymers used.

    Dishwasher and microwave safe.

    Formerly NSF Listed

    Freight Included in Price

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  • Slide On Top FIFO Bottle Organizer, 2 Pack


     As Compared to Stainless Steel

    Organizers, Protects Bottles from

    Premature Wear and Damage Caused

    by Sharp Edges

    No Dents, Dings, Sharp Edges,

    (Which can Cut Fingers)

    Integral pass-through hole for our

    condiment thermometer to verify the

    air temperature cooling your sauces

    Fits up to 2.4” Squeeze Bottles For Both

    Plastic and Stainless Steel Pans

    FDA Approved Materials

    Formerly NSF Listed

    Only Virgin Polymers Used

    Virtually Unbreakable

    Dishwasher, Microwave Safe

    Currently Available in 1/3 Size Only

    Freight Included in Price

    Results Thru Innovation catalog


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