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  • 1951 Dodge, Modified Stock Race Car

    When I was a boy growing up in

    Michigan, cars were a way of life.

    I saw my first heat and main at

    Mt. Clemens Speedway.

    I later was in the pits at Flat

    Rock and Motor City.

    My dad was the shoemaker,

    my uncle was the chauffeur

    (mechanic and driver) of #44.

    My early recollections of that

    time are hearing that great

    American classic:

    ‘One Eyed One Horn Wild

    Purple People Eater’. How could

    you not remember that song ?!

    And the Sylvester the Cat race car

    and the triple 0 car my uncle Jake

    drove. We took 5th place in

    USAC modified stock car

    racing in Michigan in 1958.


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