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  • Game Pegs, Dice, Pouch Kit



    These kits are for the small and

    medium boards that have drilled

    holes. 8 half round head pegs, 8 flat

    head pegs, 1 large head plated peg,

    1 set of dice, and a velvet pouch.


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  • Game Pawns, Maple



    These are extra game pawns for the

    larger boards that have no holes

    drilled, (though can be used even

    with the holes drilled).

    They are all 1/2″ diameter to fit

    nicely between the holes without

    interfering  with adjacent pawns.

    These particular pieces have

    a full round head on them just like

    Chess or Parcheesi pawns.

    Made from maple or birch, they can

    be stained either dark or light.

    Occasionally we stain one half the

    pawns, but generally we don’t

    stain the pawns.


    Pawn Game Pieces

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