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  • 1986 Honda 200 SX ATV

    We went to the desert often

    and the kids rode all the smaller

    bikes. This one was mine. More

    power, very aggressive tires.


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  • 1972 Honda CL 450 Scrambler

    Got home from Vietnam in

    January of 1972. My dad was

    using my truck and camper, and

    my brother had sunk my 450

    in the reservoir. So as soon as

    I had 4 paychecks in my pocket,

    I bought this bike.

    After getting married in August,

    we moved to the Club Continental

    apartments in Anaheim. Even with

    a security guard in the parking

    garage, my bike was stolen. So

    I went and bought the CB 550

    I still have.


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  • 1974 Honda CB 550, Original Owner, Low Miles, Show Ready

    I am the one and only owner of

    this great bike. After my 450 CL

    was stolen, I bought this bike at

    Norm Reeves Honda. Gone thru

    completely. Show quality.

    Never been down.

    See listing for complete details

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  • 1966 Honda 450 Black Bomber

    My brother told me that his girl

    friend’s father was looking to sell

    his motorcycle. So before I looked

    at the bike, I rented a Yamaha 80

    from a Shell gas station to see if I

    wanted to be a biker.

    I had so much fun on the little

    80 I had to see the 450.

    2 cylinder, 1 down 3 up 4 speed,

    loud, and really good looking,

    I bought it for $400.

    Got a motorcycle license

    endorsement, never did insure

    it, and rode it around until I

    went into the service. Left it

    out for my brother who

    consequently let it go swimming

    in the Anaheim reservoir. 


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  • 1986 Honda Gyro S, Original Owner, Very Low Miles, Show Ready


    Honda Gyro S, original owner, 131 original miles. Completely gone thru. New battery, cleaned carb, cleaned exhaust. Starts and runs great. 49 cc, does about 28-30 mph, 75-80 mpg. 2 speed automatic transmission. Would be a fantastic birthday present for someone. Just had the entire bike gone through by certified Honda mechanic.  All fluids changed out.  No corrosion anywhere. Original pink slip, California plate, Norm Reeves frame. Whoever gets this bike will not be disappointed. Starts up easily, shifts thru both speeds nicely. I have ridden it 2-3 miles since the rebuild. Has not been on any highway since 1992. Bike is viewable at my new Las Vegas address. Email for appointment.

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  • 1974 Honda 550 CB, Original Owner, Low Miles, Show Ready


    One like this, without rebuild

    or special paint sold at auction

    for over $6500 plus buyers

    premium: (links with “) 

    Recent sales:

    “BAT Auctions”


    I was going to put it in Meechum’s

    Las Vegas Motorcyle auction in

    January, but they wanted 10 percent

    Sellers premium, in addition to

    registration Fee. Plus cost to

    transport bike to the auction

    and additional insurance.


    I will sell, on sale, until Jan 15,  for

    $7500. If not sold, it goes to a

    Bring A Trailer Auction.


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