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  • 2003 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

    Bought for my wife in

    2005. Only had 23,000

    miles on it. She really liked

    this vehicle. When we lost

    the house during the crash,

    we had to sell the car.


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  • 2001 Ford Excursion Limited


    Great Family car. Traded my

    daughter for it, I think. Put a

    lot into it over time.

    Upper and lower

    control arms, ball joints,

    rebuilt tranny,  fixed the

    electric mirrors, etc.

    It is up to 230,000 miles,

    burns a litttle oil but still

    going strong. A must have

    for a busy family.

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  • 1990 Ford Bronco XLT

    I bought this for my father in

    1990. Has a choice of a one year

    old Eddie Bauer custom version

    or the new blue XLT. He took

    the XLT. 351 engine, 4WD.

    After he passed, my son used

    it for high school, then I had it

    around as a spare car. Put a 

    ghost purple/black/blue

    paint job on it before sold.


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  • 1988 Allegro RV

    I really could have lived in this RV

    forever. Ford 460 on a John Deere

    Chassis. Kept this for 8 years.

    Only put on 8500 miles.


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