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  • Laser Engraved Games, Wood, 9 x 12, Framed, Table Top or Travel


    These games are approximately

    12″ x 9″ x .25″ and are framed with

    repurposed cedar.


    All  boards are printed on both

    sides.  The Back Yard Baseball

    board has a triangle peg game

    on the reverse. The Bambino

    baseball has the great one’s

    batting stats on the reverse.

    The boards are lightly sanded.

    No splinters. They are coated

    with a hard polyurethane.

    Included in the sale are 16 mm dice,

    game pieces (pegs), and a velvet

    pouch for storage.

    Scoring and instructions are

    engraved on the board.



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  • Laser Engraved Hall of Fame Trading Cards with Statistics


    When I was young we got cards

    not just from the stores, we also

    acquired them from cereal boxes,

    soap boxes, cracker jacks, and

    many other places.

    But we never got them on an

    engraved piece of wood.

    As far as I know, no one else is

    doing this, so get these originals

    before everyone else. And see the

    companion Legend Series 13 x 20


     The Great Bambino

    The Amazing Cyclone

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