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  • 1978 Dodge Aspen Super Coupe-RT, Very Rare

    I picked this up from a friend

    who also sold me the ’78 Trans


    One of only 351 made solely

    for the 1978 model year.

    360 CID Motor, leather seats,

    3 speed automatic.


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  • 1978 Dodge D150 1/2 Ton Pickup

    Bought from Orange County

    Dodge in 1978. Used for work

    when I started my company.

    In a year or so I bought my

    1 ton GMC, so I took this truck

    and added a 6 pack camper.

    Used quite a bit going to the

    desert to ride bikes.

    Eventually gave it to my



    A Little Story…

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  • 1966 Dodge Polara

    As I got married, and just before

    we moved into our Buena Park

    home, I had needed a car for my

    wife to drive. I picked up this

    car from my older brother.

    The car had been ordered new

    as a potential police car. That

    means oversize drums and brakes,

    the 440 commander engine, extra

    large battery, 383 rear end, and

    a whole bunch of other goodies.

    After a couple of years, I rebuilt

    the engine and we gave the car

    to my wife’s younger brother, who

    immediately lowered it, hung the

    fuzzy dice from the mirror, & put

    bobble head in the rear window.

    Quick story–he decided to clean

    the radiator one day and figured

    drano would do the job. He called

    me after doing this and asked me

    if it was normal that water

    squirted out in many places in the

    front of the radiator.  



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  • 1951 Dodge, Modified Stock Race Car

    When I was a boy growing up in

    Michigan, cars were a way of life.

    I saw my first heat and main at

    Mt. Clemens Speedway.

    I later was in the pits at Flat

    Rock and Motor City.

    My dad was the shoemaker,

    my uncle was the chauffeur

    (mechanic and driver) of #44.

    My early recollections of that

    time are hearing that great

    American classic:

    ‘One Eyed One Horn Wild

    Purple People Eater’. How could

    you not remember that song ?!

    And the Sylvester the Cat race car

    and the triple 0 car my uncle Jake

    drove. We took 5th place in

    USAC modified stock car

    racing in Michigan in 1958.


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