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  • Laser Engraved HOF Games, with Stats, 13 x 20, Table Top

    There are different versions on the

    market, but these are slightly

    customized to make the game

    more interesting.

    My combinations may be a little

    different, but these are the ways we

    played when I was younger. Instead

    of pegs, we used actual baseball

    or foorball cards.

    And the loser got a card from the

    other player (picked in advance).


    Vaneer Type

  • Laser Engraved Sports Games, Wood, 13 x 20, Table Top

    These Laser Engraved Games

    are  laminated with one of

    3 types of wood vaneers. 


    All boards are framed for a

    total dimension of

    13″ x 20″ x 3/4″. The frames are

    from repurposed materials such

    as cedar fencing or pallets.


    All boards are lightly sanded on

    all edges. No splinters. There may

    be blemishes in the grain, and

    maybe a neat looking small knot

    or two, but mostly clear boards.


    We may stain some boards to

    bring out the grain, add some color.

    All will be coated with urethane

    (The stains shown may deviate a bit.)

    If you

    would like to stain and seal the

    boards yourself, let us know.

    There will be a slight discount.


    Included in the sale are 16 mm dice,

    game pieces (pawns), and a velvet

    pouch for storage.

    The designation of ‘H’ or ‘V’ on

    the games are for Horizontal or

    Vertical layout of that

    particular game.


    Standard Layouts

    Wood Vaneers

    Custom Layouts

    (Contact us by email for instructions