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  • Craps, Acey Duecey, Both on One Board, Cedar Framed


    There is enough room for up to 4

    players on the Craps board

    (places to put your chips). No 6-8,

    simpler version.

    The ACEY DUECEY game is for up

    to 4 players. This game can easily

    be played for ages 9 or older. (We

    play with colored M & M’s).

    It easily teaches math percentages

    also (the winning hands). I have

    played this game since I was 16

    and like this version better than

    any other I have seen. Casinos

    used to have it (15-20 yrs ago), but

    since they never really paid with the

    true odds,it eventually became

    obsolete (they called it Red Dog).

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