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  • 1978 Mercury Cougar XR7, Fully Loaded

    Fantastic, Beautiful Car

    Had the big 390 engine,

    Sun roof, full power

    everywhere, burgundy

    color. I bought this from

    my father and gave it to

    my sister-in-law for her

    first real car. That lasted

    for a few months. She

    seized it up and it sat

    for a couple of years. Finally

    towed away.


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  • 1977 Mercury Cougar XR7, Very Low Mileage

    A little over 56,000 miles. This is

    my daily driver. Leather seats,

    new vinyl top, original carpet.

    Only a couple of small things to

    do : Repaint the trunk emblem,

    replace knobs on window cranks,

    change one beauty ring on one

    wheel, need 2 inner hub caps that

    that came off on freeway, and

    lastly change out engine hood

    pad. Though not really needed,

    the paint, due to having a semi-

    metallic type of paint, has

    faded a little and I will

    probably repaint and pin

    stripe the entire car. After that

    we are ready for the car shows



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