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  • Game Pawns, Maple


    These are extra game pawns for the

    larger boards that have no holes drilled,

    (though can be used even with the drilled


    They are all 1/2″ diameter to fit

    nicely between the holes without

    interfering  with adjacent pawns.

    These particular pieces have

    a full round head on them just like

    Chess or Parcheesi pawns.

    Made from maple or birch, they can

    be stained either dark or light.

    Occasionally we stain one half the

    pawns, but generally we don’t

    stain the pawns.

    Larger Picture of the Pawns:

    Pawn Game Pieces

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  • Laser Engraved Hall of Fame Trading Cards with Statistics


    When I was young we got cards

    not just from the stores, we also

    acquired them from cereal boxes,

    soap boxes, cracker jacks, and

    many other places.

    But we never got them on an

    engraved piece of wood.

    As far as I know, no one else is

    doing this, so get these originals

    before everyone else. And see the

    companion Legend Series 12 x 19


     The Great Bambino

    The Amazing Cyclone

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  • The Amazing Cyclone Dice Baseball Game with Stats (Legend Series)


    Just like I had when I was young.

    There are different versions out

    there but mine is slightly customized

    to make the game more interesting.

    My combinations may be a little

    different, but these are the ways we

    played when younger. Instead of

    pegs, we used actual baseball cards.

    And the loser got a card from the

    other player (picked in advance).

    Front of Board

    Reverse of Board


    Vaneer Type

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  • The Great Bambino Dice Baseball Game with Stats (Legend Series)


    These 12 x 19 boards have

    an engraved dice baseball game

    on one side and the Great

    Bambino’s batting and pitching

    statistics on the other side.

    These are actual photos taken

    from the 1920-1935 era that

    are engraved  on the each side

    of the board.

    In addition to being

    a playable fun dice game,

    this particular item is part of

    the Legends of Baseball Series.

    This is the first of the series.


    These boards will be printed on

    mahogany, oak, and hickory.


    All boards are lightly sanded

    before engraving. No splinters.

    There may be blemishes in the

    grain, and maybe a neat looking

    small knot or two, but generally

    clear boards.

    We may put a light stain on some

    boards if needed, and all will be

    coated with a sealant or urethane.

    (The stains shown may not be exact

    and may deviate a bit.)


    The boards will also be framed

    and glued solid. Felt pads on

    both sides.

    The frames are made from old

    fencing and are fit to the boards.

    Included in the sale are 16 mm dice,

    game pieces (pawns), and a velvet

    pouch for storage.

    Scoring and instructions are

    engraved on the board.

    Front of Board

    Reverse of Board

    Vaneer Type

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