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  • 1958 Chevy Bel Air, My First Car

    My first car. 1958 Chevy Bel Air.

    Since my dad used the Lincoln

    Mercury Station Wagon for

    transportation,  I needed my

    own car. A clean car came on

    the Chrysler lot one day.

    I looked at it and said it

    was ok. I had to have a car.

    So I bought it for 300.00 and

    it was off to the races.

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  • 1959 Lincoln Mercury Wagon

    My first driving experience was in a 1959

    Lincoln Mercury Station Wagon. When I

    was 13, my dad would send me to the store

    to get milk and some cigars for him. Was

    lucky no one caught me. But he knew I had

    been around cars since I was 6 years old.

    (We were a racing family from Michigan.

    Around the tracks and pits all the time.)

    And I used to pretend driving an old 1951

    Hudson we had in our front yard, along

    with a 1962 Hillman.

    Took my first driving test in the ‘beast’. Got

    a 100 % on both the written and the driving

    tests (and in those days this included

    parallel parking !). They even put a placque

    on the DrivoTrainer for me.

    A small side note…Got my first ticket the

    same day I got my license. Pulled out of a

    parking lot at dusk and as I did I turned on

    my lights. Cop said I should have turned on

    the lights sooner.



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