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  • FIFO Squeeze Bottle Dispense End Silicone Valves, 24 Pack


    Dispense End Silicone Valves

    Used for dispensing fluids these parts are made

    from food grade quality silicone rubber.

    Our dispensing valves not only fit our caps, they are also

    interchangeable with the valves you currently have in

    your FIFO squeeze bottle. And they come in (3) variations

    to accommodate different sauce viscosities, such

    as oils, chunky salsa, etc.

    FDA Approved Food Grade Materials

    Dishwasher and Microwave Safe

    Formerly NSF Listed

    Freight Included in Price

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  • Original Whamo Whirlee Twirlee, 1968

    I made these in 1968 at Anaheim

    Plastics. Yellow, Red,  and Blue.

    I also used a sonic separator and

    oriented the caps so I could put the

    caps on the end of the sticks.

    And it was the first time I ever

    used a commercial Bostch staple

    machine for these boxes.


    Whamo had basically copied the

    design from the Whirley Whirler

    made by the the Whirley



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