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  • 2001 Ford Excursion Limited


    Great Family car. Traded my

    daughter for it, I think. Put a

    lot into it over time.

    Upper and lower

    control arms, ball joints,

    rebuilt tranny,  fixed the

    electric mirrors, etc.

    It is up to 230,000 miles,

    burns a litttle oil but still

    going strong. A must have

    for a busy family.

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  • 1982 AMC Concorde LTD

    Nice looking 1982 vehicle. 20

    years old with only 65,000 miles.

    Leather seats, automatic, and it

     had 4WD also. When I had it

    delivered from Florida, I had it

    cleaned up, polished, tuned up.

    Had an employee who needed

    transportation, so I gave it to him.


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  • 1987 Chevy Suburban

    Great Family car. Used for 5

    years. Put a fortune into it

    though. New engine, wheels,

    paint, tranny, etc.

    After all the money put in, I

    should have kept it, but

    I traded it off for a brand

    new Eagle Talon for my

    daughter’s graduation.

    Little Story…

    My son put a ‘He-Man’ into rear

    A/C. Took me 3 hours to get it



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