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  • FIFO Squeeze Bottle Organizer and Pan Combo, 2 Pack


    Our organizer pans, though slightly different in design

    from existing pans you may be familiar with, still fit in

    all prep units, pizza bars, cold units, etc, that your

    existing pans do, whether counter top or free

    standing units.

    All organizer pans come with integrated anti-cross-

    contamination drip cups and flow through air holes

    for bottle cooling. In addition, we have also

    incorporated a pass through hole that you can

    insert our 5 inch condiment thermometer so you

    will always know the air temperature in the pan

    that contains your sauces.

    For counter top usage silicone rubber feet are

    included for anti-skid protection.

    Used in tandem with our snap-in organizers,

    they will protect your bottles from damage by steel

    organizers and also prevent leaking sauces into

    either the pan or worse: the refrigeration unit.

    In addition, for those sandwich shops that have

    one pan slightly on top of another pan (not enough

    space in unit), our pans have have a small lip for

    overlapping that won’t grossly elevate the pan over

    the bar supports.

    Depending on size requested,

    Included in each set :

    (1)   Bin

    (1)   Snap-in Organizer

    (4 )  Silicone  Feet

    FDA approved materials.

    Only virgin polymers used.

    Dishwasher and microwave safe.

    Formerly NSF Listed

    Freight Included in Price

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