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  • 1987 Allegro RV

    Picked this up in 2004 because of 

    our house fire. Used our little

    cabin also, but since there were

    too many of us, I got this also,

    in addition to a camper trailer.

    After 18 years, I gave it to my



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  • 1987 Chevy Suburban

    Great Family car. Used for 5

    years. Put a fortune into it

    though. New engine, wheels,

    paint, tranny, etc.

    After all the money put in, I

    should have kept it, but

    I traded it off for a brand

    new Eagle Talon for my

    daughter’s graduation.

    Little Story…

    My son put a ‘He-Man’ into rear

    A/C. Took me 3 hours to get it



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  • 1987 Suncrest RV

    Live and learn. As much as I

    really liked the features of this

    RV, I only kept it for 1 year. I

    found out the structure was all

    2×4 lumber, no steel or other

    metals. So it had to leave.

    Sold it at a small loss.


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