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  • 1974 Pinto Squire Wagon

    Now that we have moved into

    our home in Buena Park, and

    I had just committed to giving

    away the Polara, I needed to get

    a car my wife could drive. So

    along comes the Pinto Squire

    Wagon. A neat little car with a

    great heater, but no A/C. Kept

    this car for about 7 years.


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  • 1974 Honda CB 550, Original Owner, Low Miles, Show Ready

    I am the one and only owner of

    this great bike. After my 450 CL

    was stolen, I bought this bike at

    Norm Reeves Honda. Gone thru

    completely. Show quality.

    Never been down.

    See listing for complete details

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  • Flexible Flyer Skateboard Deck, 1974, Original

    I made this board, along with

    about 1 million others, in 1974-1975

    for Husky bicycle company. Many

    do not know that these were for


    Primary Picture in Day Glo color

    known as ARC YELLOW, though

    it definitely is orange. The other deck

    is a combination of colors or as

    known in the trade, varigated.

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  • 1974 Honda 550 CB, Original Owner, Low Miles, Show Ready


    One like this, without rebuild

    or special paint sold at auction

    for over $6500 plus buyers

    premium: (links with “) 

    Recent sales:

    “BAT Auctions”


    I was going to put it in Meechum’s

    Las Vegas Motorcyle auction in

    January, but they wanted 10 percent

    Sellers premium, in addition to

    registration Fee. Plus cost to

    transport bike to the auction

    and additional insurance.


    I will sell, on sale, until Jan 15,  for

    $7500. If not sold, it goes to a

    Bring A Trailer Auction.


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