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  • 1966 Corvair Monza Coupe

    I picked this up from the real

    nice farmer in Toquerville, UT

    along with 2 other cars. This

    was a show winner. But I

    my daughter needed a car

    so I let her husband drive

    it and he fried the engine.

    I had my daughter give it to

    a friend to rebuild and he

    basically stole the car.


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  • 1966 Corvette Fastback

    Bought this beauty in 1974.

    Turned out to be the devil

    in disguise.

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    for some info.

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  • 1966 Dodge Polara

    As I got married, and just before

    we moved into our Buena Park

    home, I had needed a car for my

    wife to drive. I picked up this

    car from my older brother.

    The car had been ordered new

    as a potential police car. That

    means oversize drums and brakes,

    the 440 commander engine, extra

    large battery, 383 rear end, and

    a whole bunch of other goodies.

    After a couple of years, I rebuilt

    the engine and we gave the car

    to my wife’s younger brother, who

    immediately lowered it, hung the

    fuzzy dice from the mirror, & put

    bobble head in the rear window.

    Quick story–he decided to clean

    the radiator one day and figured

    drano would do the job. He called

    me after doing this and asked me

    if it was normal that water

    squirted out in many places in the

    front of the radiator.  



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  • 1966 Chrysler Crown Imperial

    After I got out the service, I

    temporarily drove my truck and

    camper. My dad bought the

    Imperial and when I sold the

    truck and camper, I drove

    this monster for a while.

    Full power seats, windows, door

    locks, power antenna, A/C, 8

    track, tilt & telescoping steering

    wheel. And a really cool feature–

    you could change the radio

    station by either the normal seek

    button on the radio, or you could

    tap a button switch to the right

    of the gas pedal. I drove this car

    on and off for over 3 years as my

    dad bought a 1973 Plymouth Fury



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  • 1966 Honda 450 Black Bomber

    My brother told me that his girl

    friend’s father was looking to sell

    his motorcycle. So before I looked

    at the bike, I rented a Yamaha 80

    from a Shell gas station to see if I

    wanted to be a biker.

    I had so much fun on the little

    80 I had to see the 450.

    2 cylinder, 1 down 3 up 4 speed,

    loud, and really good looking,

    I bought it for $400.

    Got a motorcycle license

    endorsement, never did insure

    it, and rode it around until I

    went into the service. Left it

    out for my brother who

    consequently let it go swimming

    in the Anaheim reservoir. 


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  • 1966 GMC Stepside Pickup

    I went to work one day, as an

    almost 17 year old, and saw

    this red pick up in the lot. I found

    out it belonged to the shop

    foreman and that is was for sale.

    Why not  ? I said to myself.

    So I sold the 1958 Bel Air and

    bought this 1966 GMC Fire

    Engine Red Stepside Pickup.

    I had so much wax on it the

    cloth would slide off the

    hood. Put new lumber in the bed,

    chrome stove bolts and runners

    (later covered it up with black

    vinyl so I would not scratch it).

    No radio, A/C, or actually

    anything in it other than a

    heater, windshield wipers, and a

    lighter socket (no lighter).

    Bought some cheap slide-on

    headrests to classy it up a little,

    And  ‘Moon” hub caps.

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