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  • Slide On Top FIFO Bottle Organizer, 2 Pack


     As Compared to Stainless Steel

    Organizers, Protects Bottles from

    Premature Wear and Damage Caused

    by Sharp Edges

    No Dents, Dings, Sharp Edges,

    (Which can Cut Fingers)

    Integral pass-through hole for our

    condiment thermometer to verify the

    air temperature cooling your sauces

    Fits up to 2.4” Squeeze Bottles For Both

    Plastic and Stainless Steel Pans

    FDA Approved Materials

    Formerly NSF Listed

    Only Virgin Polymers Used

    Virtually Unbreakable

    Dishwasher, Microwave Safe

    Currently Available in 1/3 Size Only

    Freight Included in Price

    Results Thru Innovation catalog


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