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  • 1951 Dodge, Modified Stock Race Car

    When I was a boy growing up in

    Michigan, cars were a way of life.

    I saw my first heat and main at

    Mt. Clemens Speedway.

    I later was in the pits at Flat

    Rock and Motor City.

    My dad was the shoemaker,

    my uncle was the chauffeur

    (mechanic and driver) of #44.

    My early recollections of that

    time are hearing that great

    American classic:

    ‘One Eyed One Horn Wild

    Purple People Eater’. How could

    you not remember that song ?!

    And the Sylvester the Cat race car

    and the triple 0 car my uncle Jake

    drove. We took 5th place in

    USAC modified stock car

    racing in Michigan in 1958.


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  • 1957 Chevy, Original

    Bought to restore but did not

    get around to it. So I sold it

    to a friend who hasn’t gotten

    around to it either.


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  • 1958 Chevy Bel Air, My First Car

    My first car. 1958 Chevy Bel Air.

    Since my dad used the Lincoln

    Mercury Station Wagon for

    transportation,  I needed my

    own car. A clean car came on

    the Chrysler lot one day.

    I looked at it and said it

    was ok. I had to have a car.

    So I bought it for 300.00 and

    it was off to the races.

    A small story…Click the Link


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  • 1959 Lincoln Mercury Wagon

    My first driving experience was in a 1959

    Lincoln Mercury Station Wagon. When I

    was 13, my dad would send me to the store

    to get milk and some cigars for him. Was

    lucky no one caught me. But he knew I had

    been around cars since I was 6 years old.

    (We were a racing family from Michigan.

    Around the tracks and pits all the time.)

    And I used to pretend driving an old 1951

    Hudson we had in our front yard, along

    with a 1962 Hillman.

    Took my first driving test in the ‘beast’. Got

    a 100 % on both the written and the driving

    tests (and in those days this included

    parallel parking !). They even put a placque

    on the DrivoTrainer for me.

    A small side note…Got my first ticket the

    same day I got my license. Pulled out of a

    parking lot at dusk and as I did I turned on

    my lights. Cop said I should have turned on

    the lights sooner.



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  • 1960 Corvette, All Original

    I love Corvettes. Doesn’t Everybody ?!!

    Saw this one at the Pomona meet

    in 1989 and I had to have it. Body

    off restoration, with matching


    Only put 600 miles on it since

    purchased. Sold in 2003 to a

    collector in Ohio that got a 90+

    and a Bloomington Gold sticker.


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  • 1962 Corvette, My High School Racer

    Well, I finally got tired of driving

    my truck with no radio, A/C, or

    cab lighting. Went driving down

    Whittier Blvd and saw this

    gorgeous car sitting on the lot.

    Talked to the salesman, liked

    what I heard, left my truck there

    and drove the Vette to Anaheim

    to show my dad. From there to

    Anaheim Finance, at the time a 2

    person office, saw the owner, and

    he initially said no. Then I took

    him outside to see the car, told

    who my dad was and 20 minutes

    later we paid the car dealer and

    drove the Vette home.

    I drove this to school every day

    and realized this car was meant

    for racing. I drove this car for a

    couple of years and only sold it

    because I was drafted and I knew

    if it was at home, my younger

    brother would destroy it and

    himself along with it.


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  • 1963 Corvair Convertable

    I picked this up from the real

    nice farmer in Toquerville, UT

    along with 2 other cars. Fixed

    the wheel bearings, oil breather

    tube, tuned up, new tires, brakes,

    etc. When done I noticed my

    brother needed a car, I gave

    it to him. He proceeded to

    reupholster in denim, change

    out the motor 3 times, repaint

    the exterior, etc. And I had

    already put in 2200.00 into it.


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  • 1966 Chrysler Crown Imperial

    After I got out the service, I

    temporarily drove my truck and

    camper. My dad bought the

    Imperial and when I sold the

    truck and camper, I drove

    this monster for a while.

    Full power seats, windows, door

    locks, power antenna, A/C, 8

    track, tilt & telescoping steering

    wheel. And a really cool feature–

    you could change the radio

    station by either the normal seek

    button on the radio, or you could

    tap a button switch to the right

    of the gas pedal. I drove this car

    on and off for over 3 years as my

    dad bought a 1973 Plymouth Fury



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  • 1966 Corvair Monza Coupe

    I picked this up from the real

    nice farmer in Toquerville, UT

    along with 2 other cars. This

    was a show winner. But I

    my daughter needed a car

    so I let her husband drive

    it and he fried the engine.

    I had my daughter give it to

    a friend to rebuild and he

    basically stole the car.


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  • 1966 Corvette Fastback

    Bought this beauty in 1974.

    Turned out to be the devil

    in disguise.

    Click on this


    for some info.

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  • 1966 Dodge Polara

    As I got married, and just before

    we moved into our Buena Park

    home, I had needed a car for my

    wife to drive. I picked up this

    car from my older brother.

    The car had been ordered new

    as a potential police car. That

    means oversize drums and brakes,

    the 440 commander engine, extra

    large battery, 383 rear end, and

    a whole bunch of other goodies.

    After a couple of years, I rebuilt

    the engine and we gave the car

    to my wife’s younger brother, who

    immediately lowered it, hung the

    fuzzy dice from the mirror, & put

    bobble head in the rear window.

    Quick story–he decided to clean

    the radiator one day and figured

    drano would do the job. He called

    me after doing this and asked me

    if it was normal that water

    squirted out in many places in the

    front of the radiator.  



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  • 1966 GMC Stepside Pickup

    I went to work one day, as an

    almost 17 year old, and saw

    this red pick up in the lot. I found

    out it belonged to the shop

    foreman and that is was for sale.

    Why not  ? I said to myself.

    So I sold the 1958 Bel Air and

    bought this 1966 GMC Fire

    Engine Red Stepside Pickup.

    I had so much wax on it the

    cloth would slide off the

    hood. Put new lumber in the bed,

    chrome stove bolts and runners

    (later covered it up with black

    vinyl so I would not scratch it).

    No radio, A/C, or actually

    anything in it other than a

    heater, windshield wipers, and a

    lighter socket (no lighter).

    Bought some cheap slide-on

    headrests to classy it up a little,

    And  ‘Moon” hub caps.

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  • 1966 Honda 450 Black Bomber

    My brother told me that his girl

    friend’s father was looking to sell

    his motorcycle. So before I looked

    at the bike, I rented a Yamaha 80

    from a Shell gas station to see if I

    wanted to be a biker.

    I had so much fun on the little

    80 I had to see the 450.

    2 cylinder, 1 down 3 up 4 speed,

    loud, and really good looking,

    I bought it for $400.

    Got a motorcycle license

    endorsement, never did insure

    it, and rode it around until I

    went into the service. Left it

    out for my brother who

    consequently let it go swimming

    in the Anaheim reservoir. 


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  • 1967 Corvette, My Dream Car

    I went to the Corvette Swap

    Meet in Pomona one year and

    came away with a 1960 and a

    1967 Stingray. The Stingray

    was my all-time favorite car.

    Sadly, it was totaled 30 days

    after I bought it when a lady

    ran a red light doing 80 mph

    and T-boned me.

    Story to follow later.

    See Pics for Flowing Tears.


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  • 1969 VW Dune Buggy

    After picking this up, I drove

    it to work 4 times. Each time

    I got to the street near my

    factory, I got pulled over for

    speeding. Never got a ticket.

    That weekend, I gave it to

    a friend of mine. He kept it

    for over 25 years.


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  • 1972 Honda CL 450 Scrambler

    Got home from Vietnam in

    January of 1972. My dad was

    using my truck and camper, and

    my brother had sunk my 450

    in the reservoir. So as soon as

    I had 4 paychecks in my pocket,

    I bought this bike.

    After getting married in August,

    we moved to the Club Continental

    apartments in Anaheim. Even with

    a security guard in the parking

    garage, my bike was stolen. So

    I went and bought the CB 550

    I still have.


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  • 1972 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

    Car did not have a scratch on it.

    His favorite car, of which he had

    many. In fact, I bought 2 Corvairs

    from this man. It had the

    polyester type seats. Big 460

    CID engine, ran fantastic. The

    only thing I did not like is the

    original shag carpet. Gave this

    to my dad as he got older and

    was hard for him to get in and

    out of the Bronco. When he 

    passed away, I gave it to my

    sister-in-law (again).


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  • 1973 Plymouth Fury 3

    I bought this car from my dad

    when I got him the Bronco. 360

    Lean Burn, police interceptor

    package. I gave this to a



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  • 1974 Honda CB 550, Original Owner, Low Miles, Show Ready

    I am the one and only owner of

    this great bike. After my 450 CL

    was stolen, I bought this bike at

    Norm Reeves Honda. Gone thru

    completely. Show quality.

    Never been down.

    See listing for complete details

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  • 1974 Pinto Squire Wagon

    Now that we have moved into

    our home in Buena Park, and

    I had just committed to giving

    away the Polara, I needed to get

    a car my wife could drive. So

    along comes the Pinto Squire

    Wagon. A neat little car with a

    great heater, but no A/C. Kept

    this car for about 7 years.


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  • 1976 Cadillac, Big Engine, Great Demo Car

    I bought this car from an old gent

    living in a rest home. Told him I needed

    a demolition derby car. He offered

    this car. Was in good condition.

    I should have kept it original.


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  • 1977 El Dorado 18 ft Class ‘C’ RV

    Started making time for family in

    the mid 80’s. Decided to pick this

    up so we used as a base camp for

    when we went to the desert riding

    our 4 tracks.

    Had a strong 350, so much so

    that I actually pulled a 38′

    loaded RV that was pulling a

    trailer full of bikes, etc , out of

    a sand dune it was stuck in.

    No problem.

    Ice Box, no A/C, no heat, had

    a shower and toilet, single

    burner stove, no oven or

    microwave. I really liked this

    old RV.

    Gave it to my brother-in-law a

    few years later. He sold it.


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  • 1977 Mercury Cougar XR7, Very Low Mileage

    A little over 56,000 miles. This is

    my daily driver. Leather seats,

    new vinyl top, original carpet.

    Only a couple of small things to

    do : Repaint the trunk emblem,

    replace knobs on window cranks,

    change one beauty ring on one

    wheel, need 2 inner hub caps that

    that came off on freeway, and

    lastly change out engine hood

    pad. Though not really needed,

    the paint, due to having a semi-

    metallic type of paint, has

    faded a little and I will

    probably repaint and pin

    stripe the entire car. After that

    we are ready for the car shows



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  • 1978 Dodge Aspen Super Coupe-RT, Very Rare

    I picked this up from a friend

    who also sold me the ’78 Trans


    One of only 351 made solely

    for the 1978 model year.

    360 CID Motor, leather seats,

    3 speed automatic.


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  • 1978 Dodge D150 1/2 Ton Pickup

    Bought from Orange County

    Dodge in 1978. Used for work

    when I started my company.

    In a year or so I bought my

    1 ton GMC, so I took this truck

    and added a 6 pack camper.

    Used quite a bit going to the

    desert to ride bikes.

    Eventually gave it to my



    A Little Story…

    Click on this       Link

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  • 1978 Lincoln Town Car

    This is one of the cars I gave my

    father as he got older. He drove

    this for a while until I gave him

    the 1972 Mark IV.

    After my dad took the Mark IV,

    Gave the car to my sister-in-law


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  • 1978 Mercury Cougar XR7, Fully Loaded

    Fantastic, Beautiful Car

    Had the big 390 engine,

    Sun roof, full power

    everywhere, burgundy

    color. I bought this from

    my father and gave it to

    my sister-in-law for her

    first real car. That lasted

    for a few months. She

    seized it up and it sat

    for a couple of years. Finally

    towed away.


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  • 1979 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am, Limited Edition

    Only 2,917 were equipped with

    the high-output Pontiac T/A

    6.6 W72 400 engine and t-tops

    coupled with the four-speed

    Borg Warner Super T-10

    manual transmission. 1817

    of those were not black & gold.

    So the total 4 spd 400 cars of

    the above is 1817 out of 116,535

    produced of Trans Ams or 1817

    out of about 211,00 total Firebirds

    produced. Estimated only slightly

    around 200 were white.This was

    one of them.

    VIN HIN2W87Z9L159783


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  • 1981 GMC Sierra Classic with Dump Body, Original Owner, Low Miles

    A fantastic truck for the farm.

    And if you are in the landscaping

    business, this beats pulling a trailer

    and hand unloading daily.

    For info on the truck,

    click on this   link


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  • 1981 GMC Suburban, Big Bad Diesel

    Had to try out this car since

    it really was clean and got

    close to 30 miles per gallon.

    Kept it for about 2 years only

    since the wife did not like the

    sound of the diesel.


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  • 1982 AMC Concorde LTD

    Nice looking 1982 vehicle. 20

    years old with only 65,000 miles.

    Leather seats, automatic, and it

     had 4WD also. When I had it

    delivered from Florida, I had it

    cleaned up, polished, tuned up.

    Had an employee who needed

    transportation, so I gave it to him.


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  • 1984 GMC “Jimmy”

    Great little car. This was my

    wife’s car for about 4 years until

    we got the 1989 Jeep Cherokee.

    Mileage was average, but it suited

    our needs well. Had the 6

    cylinder version.


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  • 1986 Honda 200 SX ATV

    We went to the desert often

    and the kids rode all the smaller

    bikes. This one was mine. More

    power, very aggressive tires.


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  • 1987 Allegro RV

    Picked this up in 2004 because of 

    our house fire. Used our little

    cabin also, but since there were

    too many of us, I got this also,

    in addition to a camper trailer.

    After 18 years, I gave it to my



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  • 1987 Chevy Suburban

    Great Family car. Used for 5

    years. Put a fortune into it

    though. New engine, wheels,

    paint, tranny, etc.

    After all the money put in, I

    should have kept it, but

    I traded it off for a brand

    new Eagle Talon for my

    daughter’s graduation.

    Little Story…

    My son put a ‘He-Man’ into rear

    A/C. Took me 3 hours to get it



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  • 1987 Suncrest RV

    Live and learn. As much as I

    really liked the features of this

    RV, I only kept it for 1 year. I

    found out the structure was all

    2×4 lumber, no steel or other

    metals. So it had to leave.

    Sold it at a small loss.


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  • 1988 Allegro RV

    I really could have lived in this RV

    forever. Ford 460 on a John Deere

    Chassis. Kept this for 8 years.

    Only put on 8500 miles.


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  • 1988 Suzuki Samari with Fiberglass Shell

    My daughter learned to drive on

    this car. Stuck in the mud once,

    had 3 trucks to pull her out.

    She cruised the main street

    many times until she moved.

    I put wider tires on so it was

    more stable on the highway.

    Unfortunately, totaled in

    minor accident in 1994.


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  • 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo

    One of the best purchases we

    made. Car had power windows,

    door locks, the famous ‘Iron

    Workhorse’ straight six

    cylinder and select-trac 4 wheel

    drive. Paint faded after 10 years

    and I had it repainted. Gave

    the car to my sister-in-law

    and it went to over 300,000

    miles before they sold it.


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