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  • Laser Engraved Games, Wood, 8 x 12, Table Top or Travel


    These Laser Engraved Games

    are  laminated with one of

    8 types of wood vaneers.

    All boards are sanded. No splinters.

    There may be blemishes in the grain,

    and a neat looking small knot or two,

    but generally clear boards.


    We may put a light stain on some

    boards to bring out the grain, and

    to add a little color. All will be

    coated with polyurethane.

    (The stains shown may not be exact

    and may deviate a bit.) If you

    would like to stain and seal the

    boards yourself, let us know.

    There will be a slight discount.


    Included in the sale are 16 mm dice,

    game pieces (pegs), and a velvet

    pouch for storage.

    Wood Vaneers



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